Drahtlose mechanische Leistungsmessung an Wellen

Power measurement

At the messtec + sensor masters 2018 trade show, the Dx-Power system took first place in the sensor category and won the coveted messtec + sensor masters award. It was recognized as an innovative system for non-contact power measurements on vehicles that does not require any additional mechanical connection for rotation angle detection.

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DX-Speed Drehratensensor

Revolution counter

The Dx-Speed system conveniently acquires the wheel speed directly on vehicle wheels. The system does not require a stator or additional reference point and delivers measurement results – both on the test bench and outdoors – even in harsh conditions such as mud, snow and dust. The accouracy ist typically better than 0.5%. Impacts against the axle also will not affect the results. This means that even driving over sleepers is possible!

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Braking temperature

The Dx-telemetry system is universally applicable. With a receiving unit (Dx-RCI), data from up to four transmission units (Dx-SCT) can be received synchronously. Each DxSCT sends data from one or more different sensors to the DxRCI. It is therefore easy to cascade an already existing system.

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WTT-Dx Drehmoment Messrad

Wheel Torque Transducer

In automotive development, it is important to accurately measure the torque exerted by the vehicle – especially during acceleration and braking maneuvers. The WTT-D<sup>x</sup> provides users with a highly precise tool. The measuring wheel detects the mechanical load directly where it is generated: at the wheels, the meeting point between vehicle and road.

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CAEMAX Dx-Telemetrie

Telemetry system Dx

A highlight of CAEMAX´s new, fully digital DX telemetry is the ability to perform absolutely synchronous data acquisition with several transmitters in one single ISM band. With one single telemetry transmitter up to six channels – e.g. two strain gauge full bridges or four half bridges or analogue signals or temperatures can be transmitted. The max. sum sampling rate is 7,2 kHz.

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Messrad WFT-Cx am BMW i8

Wheel Force Transducer 6 components WFT-Cx, WFT-Cxs

Whether doing dynamics tests, brake tests or determining load spectra – the new 6-Component WFT-Cx measuring wheel measures all forces and moments acting on the vehicle with high precision. The robust housing provides reliable protection against dirt, water and snow and can be used in all weathers.

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CLSx steering sensor

The innovative CLSx steering sensor sets new standards in terms of size, ease of operation, resolution and accuracy of measured values. It is placed between the steering column and steering wheel, while retaining all the functionality of the original wheel.

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Digital telemetry solutions

For measurements on rotating components and moving machinery, imc offers modern telemetry systems for a wide variety of tasks: whether single-channel torque monitoring of a rotating shaft, multi-channel strain gauge and temperature measurements on a train wheel-set or non-contact power measurement on a vehicle drivetrain in harsh environments.

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High temperature telemetry

CAEMAX extends its proven Dx telemetry system with a high-temperature version for ambient temperatures from -40°C bis +125°C. This enables applications in the engine compartment, measurements in the climatic chamber and temperature-critical applications in mechanical engineering and energy technology.

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We are your national and international system provider for special measuring tasks

Munich-based CAEMAX Technologie GmbH is a competent solution provider and system specialist for the research and test departments of the automotive and mechanical engineering industries.

The core of our product range is formed by the sensors and measuring systems developed in-house – currently e.g. in the field of telemetry, measuring systems and automotive sensors. In addition to the quality of products and services for customers, the focus is on the best possible, comprehensive solution for specific measuring tasks. This includes software and tailor-made engineering services.

Now and in the future, an even stronger focus will be placed on our own product development with the goal of further expanding our already established technological leadership: As a customer, you will receive tools, measurements and evaluations from enable the highest precision and validity!

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