DX Telemetry: modular, multi-channel telemetry system for a variety of applications

caemax DX-SCT Transmitter

A highlight of CAEMAX´s new, fully digital DX telemetry is the ability to perform an absolutely synchronous data acquisition with several transmitters in one single ISM band. With one single telemetry transmitter up to six channels – e.g. two strain gauge full bridges or four half bridges or analogue signals or temperatures can be transmitted. The max. sum sampling rate is 7,2 kHz.

Clearly structured menus provide easy handling even for the unexperienced user. The system supports either manual configuration at the receiver console or remote control by an integrated web browser.

A variety of solutions is available for the power supply of the transmitter: Inductive head or ring stator for continuous operation as well as accu packages or various battery solutions which allow a secure power supply over hours or even days.

The DX telemetry system has been widely approved for drive shaft torque measurements in drive tests. For this application, CAEMAX offers convenient half-shell housings for quick and easy mounting. The housing not only protects the strain gauge application, but additionally contains the telemetry electronics as well as the secondary coil for inductive supply.

ZIM_supportBased on this system, CAEMAX has developed an innovative complete solution for power acquisition from rotating parts: In addition to torque, the revolutional speed of the shaft is acquired. The rotational power of the drive shaft is calculated online from these two measurement channels. As the sensors for rpm acquisition are completely integrated to the shaft housing, this very robust system works completely without accident-sensitive stator head for rotational angle acquisition. This project was supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.



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Modular, multi-channel telemetry system for a variety of applications
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CAEMAX Dx Telemetry: digital, modular, convenient
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