GPSv: GPS-based Speed Measurement

The GPSv signal converter evaluates the speed over ground from the GPS data received and provides convenient analog and digital outputs (TTL) of the speed signal. Special algorithms – developed in close cooperation with the automotive industry – guarantee for optimum results even in difficult GPS receiving conditions.


Name / Description Version Date Size
  CAEMAX Data Sheet gpsPRO
gpsPRO: state of the art GPS system
1.0 28. April 2014 0.9 MB
  CAEMAX Datasheet GPSv E
GPSv: GPS-based speed measurement system
150430 30. April 2015 0.3 MB
  CAEMAX Datasheet VarioPRO E
VarioPRO: Signal Router, Data Logger, Universal Converter
141006-E 30. April 2015 1.0 MB
OBD/CANID: OBD to CAN converter with GPS option
141010-E 30. April 2015 0.4 MB
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