High temperature telemetry

Precise measurements up to +125°C ambient temperature

CAEMAX extends its proven Dx telemetry system with a high-temperature version for ambient temperatures from -40°C bis +125°C. This enables applications in the engine compartment, measurements in the climatic chamber and temperature-critical applications in mechanical engineering and energy technology.

Henning Pöschl, Managing Director of CAEMAX:

“Even with the Standard Dx system, a wide range of applications was an important development goal. Thanks to the innovative modular concept, we cover a wide range of applications with one telemetry system. With the development of the Dx-HT transmitter module, Dx telemetry can now be used in even more fields.”

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Universally applicable transmitter modules

nstead of a large number of special modules, CAEMAX relies on the clear ‘one fits all’ concept: the same universal transmitter unit can be used for different sensor types (strain gages, thermal transducers, acceleration sensors) and channel numbers. One transmitter unit records, digitizes and transmits up to 6 channels.

Always in sync – even with multiple transmitters

If one transmitter module is not sufficient, the user simply adds a second one: up to 4 transmitters can be operated with one receiver unit. The receiver unit clocks the transmitter units and outputs their measurement data as a synchronous data stream.

High measuring accuracy, robust telemetry link

A telemetry link that is as reliable as possible is a prerequisite for accurate measurement data. This is why Dx-HT telemetry digitizes the analog measurement signals as early as possible – directly at the transmitter unit. The measurement data is transmitted digitally with 16-bit interference immunity. Two parallel antennas on the receiver unit increase transmission reliability even higher.

Tailor-made for harsh environmental conditions

Other challenging parameters for measuring systems are high accelerations, mechanical loads, splash water and oil in the environment. In these situations, CAEMAX integrates the Dx-HT transmitter unit into a custom-made housing. This not only protects the electronics and sensors from centrifugal forces, water and dirt and the secondary coil for the inductive power supply which is also already integrated. This significantly reduces set-up times.


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