Telemetry system Dx

Modular, multi-channel telemetry system

A highlight of our new, fully digital Dx–Telemetry is the first-ever possibility of absolutely synchronous data acquisition with multiple transmitters in a single ISM band. With a single telemetry transmitter, up to six sensor signals – including two full bridge strain gages or four half bridge strain gages, as well as voltages and temperatures – can be acquired and transmitted. The maximum total sampling rate is 7.2 kHz.

The clear menu navigation makes operating the unit easy even for inexperienced users. The measuring system can be configured both directly via the rotating multifunctional wheel and conveniently via a web browser.

There are several flexible solutions available for supplying the rotor electronics: an inductive head or an inductive ring stator enable continuous operation. Alternatively, a safe supply over hours (up to days) can be guaranteed by the use of batteries or battery variants.


Proven complete system

The Dx-Telemetry system is proven over the years in driving tests for recording the torque powered axles. For this application specifically, CAEMAX offers a separable shaft housing for quick mounting. This housing not only protects the strain gauge application, but also the telemetry electronics and the secondary coil for the inductive power supply which are already integrated.

Based on this solution, CAEMAX has developed an innovative complete system for power measurement on rotating components: in addition to the torque, the shaft speed is recorded simultaneously and the power is calculated online from these two values. Since the sensors for speed measurement are completely integrated in the shaft housing, the extremely robust system does not require a failure-prone stator head for angle measurement!

This project was funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy.

Gefördert vom Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie

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