Braking temperature

Brake disc temperature acquisition

Dx-Receiver Unit (RCI) – universal application

The Dx-telemetry system can be implemented universally. With one receiver unit (Dx-RCI), data from up to four transmitter units (Dx-SCT) can be received synchronously. Each Dx-SCT sends the data from one or more different sensors to the Dx-RCI. It is therefore easy to cascade an existing system: Simply connect the new sensor to a Dx-SCT transmitter and display the data in real time with the existing Dx-RCI receiver. Even if the sensors change, the associated Dx-telemetry system remains the same.

Temperaturmessung am Rad Dx-Telemetrie
Dx-Receiver Unit (RCI)

Dx-BrakeTemp for measuring temperatures on the brake disc

High precision

The CAEMAX Dx-BrakeTemp is a high-precision tool for measuring temperatures on the wheels of road vehicles. All measurement signals, such as the temperatures at the brake disc, are digitized directly at the wheels and transmitted telemetrically via mirror antennas to the receiver unit inside the vehicle. With its robust design, the system is also well-suited for harsh environments and road driving.

Dx-transmitter module with 3 DI-thermocouplechannels type K

Measure all four wheels synchronously

All four wheels on a road vehicle can be acquired synchronously. The data are displayed in real time, as physical variables.

Short set-up time

CAEMAX supplies the sensor in special housings that are robust and easy to handle: Optionally CAEMAX offers Peiseler plates with collets for mounting. This makes the set-up time very short.

Dx-Sendemodul mit 6 DI-Thermokanälen Typ K
Dx-transmitter module with 6 DI thermocouple channels type K


±1 K
Temperature range
-10 °C to 60 °C
Sensor inputs
3 or 6 thermocouples type J or K per wheel
Sampling rate
Up to 200Hz per channel with 3 channels per wheel
Measurement range
Typ K: to 1300 °C
Typ J: to 1200 °C
16 bit
Height: approx. 50 mm
Diameter: approx. 100 mm
Mounting on the wheel
Collets on the wheel bolts
Dx-Telemetry Transmitter Unit (SCT)
Transmission frequency
Dx: 13 frequencies in the 868-MHz-Band
Dx-HT: 17 frequencies in the 2.4-GHz-Band
Sampling rate
Max. 4.6/5.0 kHz per channel (868-MHz-/2.4-GHz-Band)
16 bit
Synchronized measurements
Up to 4 Dx-SCTs (4 wheels)
Ingress protection rating
IP 68
Power voltage
Transmission power
Max. 10 dBm
Dx-Telemetry Receiver Unit (RCI)
Antenna inputs
2 independent receivers in diversity mode
2.83 inch color display, 320 x 240 px
Remote controllable
CAN interface
CAN 2.0b acc. to ISO 11898, max. 1 MBaud
Analog output
6 BNC sockets
Up to 4 Dx-BrakeTemp
Temperature range
-20 °C to +65 °C
Approx. 170 x 130 x 53 mm (without antenna)
Approx. 0.8 kg


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