Data logger – imc BUSDAQflex

One data logger - multiple applications

With the intelligent imc BUSDAQflex data logger series you have access to the usual bus systems of the automotive, railway, aircraft and machine industry. In addition to the acquisition of raw data streams and protocol channels, the live decoding of individual channels as well as complex protocols such as CCP, KWP2000, XCP, OBD2, etc. are supported. The standard basic configuration of 2 CAN nodes can be extended to 12 nodes for different field and vehicle buses for the larger device variants.

Well networked

imc BUSDAQflex offers a wide range of networking options: cable or wireless. Via the Ethernet interface, the logger can be connected directly to your computer or a company network. For remote systems, such as a fleet testing or facility monitoring, wireless access is possible via integrated WLAN or external imc UMTS router. This allows users to remotely monitor vehicles, machines and plants, view measurement data, determine positions and customize the configuration. The data loggers of the imc BUSDAQflex series offer various possibilities of remote access.

Distribution and further information on the product BUSDAQflex on the website of imc.


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