CAEMAX Sensors

WTT-Dx Drehmoment Messrad

Wheel Torque Transducer

In automotive development, it is important to accurately measure the torque exerted by the vehicle – especially during acceleration and braking maneuvers. The WTT-D<sup>x</sup> provides users with a highly precise tool. The measuring wheel detects the mechanical load directly where it is generated: at the wheels, the meeting point between vehicle and road.

Messrad WFT-Cx am BMW i8

Wheel Force Transducer 6 components WFT-Cx, WFT-Cxs

Whether doing dynamics tests, brake tests or determining load spectra – the new 6-Component WFT-Cx measuring wheel measures all forces and moments acting on the vehicle with high precision. The robust housing provides reliable protection against dirt, water and snow and can be used in all weathers.


CLSx steering sensor

The innovative CLSx steering sensor sets new standards in terms of size, ease of operation, resolution and accuracy of measured values. It is placed between the steering column and steering wheel, while retaining all the functionality of the original wheel.

Lenksensor CLS-E

Steering Effort Sensor CLS-E

The new award winning steering effort sensor CLS-E sets new standards in size of the housing and resolution and accuracy of the measurement data. Due to its extreme miniaturization the sensor can be integrated in most standard vehicles replacing the air bag directly in the original steering wheel. All other functions of the standard steering wheel are completely preserved.

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