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Lenksensor CLS-E

Steering Effort Sensor CLS-E

The new award winning steering effort sensor CLS-E sets new standards in size of the housing and resolution and accuracy of the measurement data. Due to its extreme miniaturization the sensor can be integrated in most standard vehicles replacing the air bag directly in the original steering wheel. All other functions of the standard steering wheel are completely preserved.


imc CANSASfit

Measurement modules used in the automotive industry must be robust and compact because they are often placed in areas such as the engine compartment where space is limited and temperatures can be high. The new imc CANSASfit series works reliably from -40° to +125° C, has a protection rating of IP65 and, due to their small form factor, can be placed almost anywhere.


Data logger – imc BUSDAQflex

With the intelligent imc BUSDAQflex data logger series you have access to the usual bus systems of the automotive, railway, aircraft and machine industry. In addition to the acquisition of raw data streams and protocol channels, the live decoding of individual channels as well as complex protocols such as CCP, KWP2000, XCP, OBD2, etc. are supported. The standard basic configuration of 2 CAN nodes can be extended to 12 nodes for different field and vehicle buses for the larger device variants.

imc Cronosflex Modulares, räumlich verteilbares Messsystem für elektromechanische Tests

imc CRONOSflex

With the imc CRONOSflex, we offer a modular system, which gives you an unprecedented degree of flexibility in the setup of your data acqusition system. The system requires no rack or frame. Both base unit and the measurement modules (amplifiers or conditioners) have independent housings: by a robust “Click Mechanism”, they can easily be either connected directly to one another or alternatively spatially distributed over a standard network cable. A distance of up to 100m between individual modules is possible.


Software for data analysis – imc FAMOS

No matter where the data originates – test stand, test setup or mobile measurement – imc FAMOS combines all the tools you need for professional visualization and analysis of your data: from data importing to print-ready reports. With a vast number of analysis functions and powerful automation options, imc FAMOS provides quick results. Specifically designed for analyzing daily measurement data, imc FAMOS is ideal for engineers and technicians who wish to solve their tasks efficiently.

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