Calibration, Strain Gauge Application, Turnkey Solutions

We want you to be successful in mastering your measuring tasks.

Therefore all our systems are accompanied by extensive engineering services:

Our experienced staff carries out clean room applications of strain gauges to guarantee highest accuracy.

We operate two in-house calibration test stands which can apply forces of up to 50 kN and torque of up to 10 kNm. They are used for calibration and testing of our WFTs and steering effort sensors as well as for many other sensor units. Furthermore we provide temperature testing in our own climate chamber (-20°C bis +125°C).

If desired we can offer you the perfect turnkey solution for your specific application including software services like the programming of special analysis routines generating automated test protocols.

Our specific expertise and long-lasting experience in data acquisition and analysis will guide you – starting from defining the specifications until the first operation and putting into service.

For further information we are at your service. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

WFT-Cx auf dem Prüfstand
WFT-Cx auf dem Prüfstand
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