Wheel Force Transducer 6 components WFT-Cx, WFT-Cxs

Weatherproof measuring wheels for driving tests


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Whether doing dynamics tests, brake tests or determining load spectra – the new 6-Component WFT-Cx measuring wheel measures all forces and moments acting on the vehicle with high precision. The robust housing provides reliable protection against dirt, water and snow and can be used in all weathers.

The WFT-Cx at a glance

  • Captures forces and moments in the X, Y, Z directions on the rotating wheel
  • Output in vehicle and wheel coordinate system
  • Highest interference immunity and measurement accuracy through on-site digitization and online calculation
  • Precise temperature compensation
  • Robust measuring device with long service life
  • Break protection through the interlocking mechanism increases safety in road tests
  • Wide range of applications from winter tests and braking tests to off-road driving
  • And much more
6-Komponenten-Messrad WFT-CX-2019
6-Component WFT-Cx measuring wheel

From small cars to small trucks

The 6-Component WFT-CX measuring wheel can be used from small cars with rim sizes starting at 13 inches up to SUVs and small trucks with hub diameters up to 5.5 inches. In addition to the watertight design, impact resistance of up to 100 g is also decisive, which allows tests with speed bumps for the first time. The cooling-optimized design in conjunction with the good heat conduction of the aluminum measuring device avoids excessive heat build-up even at full braking. For example, over 20 braking tests were carried out with the measuring wheels (acceleration to 150 km/h with subsequent full braking): The temperature of the measuring device did not exceed the 50°C limit. The entire signal conditioning system is designed for a temperature range from -40°C to +105°C. All this results in a much broader range of applications that now includes brake, comfort and tire testing with just one measuring wheel configuration.

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Load spectrum for prototypes

In the development of new vehicles, there are often no suitable load spectra for estimating the real stress of the components while driving. These must be determined by test drives. Thanks to its robust, waterproof design, the CAEMAX measuring wheel is also ideal for test drives lasting several days. The thermal sensors distributed in the wheel ensure optimum temperature compensation of the measured values.

WFT-Cx am Prototyp

Fatigue tests on the test bench

A measuring wheel for service life tests of components on the test bench must be fatigue-resistant. The body of the WFT-Cx measuring device can therefore optionally be made of titanium or steel. If a rotating measurement is to be carried out on the roller dynamometer or in a road test, the cable-bound signal transmission to the control unit is simply replaced by a stator with telemetric transmission. Since all measuring body types have the same hole template, existing adapters can be used for all types.

WFT-Cx auf dem Prüfstand
WFT-Cx on test rig

Functional testing in winter

Low temperatures, melt water, ice and snow are a challenge for any measuring system. The CAEMAX measuring wheels excel here with a wide temperature range of -40 °C to +105 °C. In addition, the fully IP67 waterproof design allows testing in any weather – even in ice, snow or melt water. And thanks to its sturdy design and an impact resistance of 100 g, nothing stands in the way of measurements in rough terrain.

Messrad WFT-Cx am BMW i8
WFT-Cx in the winter test

One measuring wheel for different vehicles

The WFT-Cx measuring wheel has a modular design. The measuring device and telemetry module can be combined with various hub and rim adapters to adapt to different vehicle types and wheel sizes. Thanks to short set-up times and convenient software functions, e.g. for zero adjustment, the system is ready to measure again within a very short time.

WFT-Cx modular construction
  1. Hub adapter:

    The hub adapter serves to connect the measuring wheel to the vehicle. It can be used for different vehicle types as long as the bolt hole circle and the offset are the same. With just a few hub adapters, an entire vehicle fleet can be covered.
  2. Rim adapter:
    The rim adapter serves, as with a conventional rim, to accommodate the tire. The rim adapter is not directly vehicle-specific, but tire-dependent. This means that it can be used on many vehicles with the same tire size.
  3. Measuring device:

    The measuring device (sensor) connects the hub adapter and the rim adapter with each other. Together, these three components form the vehicle-specific wheel. Since the calibration factors are permanently stored in the sensor, you can recombine the adapter and measuring device at any time without having to recalibrate the wheel. Thus, in a time-saving, space-saving and cost-effective manner, a WFT-Cx measuring wheel adapted to the vehicle is created in a few simple steps, using a modular principle.

Simple mounting

Mounting a WFT-Cx measuring wheel is almost as simple as changing a wheel. Four measuring wheels are mounted in one hour. Thanks to convenient software functions, such as zero adjustment, the system is ready to measure within a very short time.


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Integrated intelligence

Thanks to digital signal processing, the 6-component measuring wheel requires considerably fewer strain gages than comparable systems. Instead of a complex and interference-prone analog connection of strain gauge signals, the digital online calculation with 24-bit DSP resolution is now used. The intelligent electronics calculate the measured variables directly in the wheel. All setting and calibration values required for operation are stored in each measuring wheel.
The resulting higher dynamics of the measurement signals allows the use for comfort measurements as well as in rough terrain.

Technical Data

Material Aluminium Titan Steel
Meassuring principle
Temperature compensated strain gage application
Measurement range forces
Fx, Fz = ±45 kN
Fx, Fz = ±60 kN
Fx, Fz = ±60 kN
Fy = ±25 kN
Fy = ±30 kN
Fy = ±30 kN
Measurement range torque
Mx, My, Mz = ±8,75 kNm
Mx, My, Mz = ±10 kNm
Mx, My, Mz = ±10 kNm
Protection class
IP66, IP67
Sample rate per channel
up to 5 kHz
Angle resolution with 5000 increments
<0,2% FS
<0,2% FS
Crosstalk of the measured
<0,2% FS
Low pass filter (cutoff 
frequency 1200 Hz)
6-pole Butterworthfilter
Weight without adapter
<7,9 kg
ca. 10,5 kg
ca. 17,5 kg
Rim diameter
min. 14“ (356 mm), 13“ optional
Hub diameter incl. adapter
max. 5,5“
Operating temperature
-40 °C up to +105 °C
Mechanical stress
Fatigue strength verification BMW QV 36026
max. 100 g
max. 2300 rpm (ca. 278 km/h)
mechanical protection against breakage
Dimensions: outer diameter (without adapter)
317,5 mm
Dimensions: inner diameter (without adapter)
203 mm
Dimensions: Height
76 mm
Temperature drift
0,005% / °C
Special mounting screws
customized adaption possible for any kind of vehicle


  • Stationary telemetry module
  • Driving test telemetry module
  • Carbon mounting arm

The "stationary" telemetry module is used to transmit measured data from a fixed 6-component WFT-Cx measuring wheel (e.g. on the test bench) to an external connection unit.

​The "Driving test" telemetry module is used to transfer measured data from a rotating 6-component measuring wheel WFT-Cx to an external stator unit.​

The mounting arm (stator-holding device) made of carbon with three adjustable suction cups, serves to lock the telemetry module "driving test".

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