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Name / Description Version Date Size
Category:  DX Telemetry
  Brochure CAEMAX Dx Telemetry
Modular, multi-channel telemetry system for a variety of applications
2016-02-11 11. February 2016 4.9 MB
  Data Sheet CAEMAX-Dx Telemetry
CAEMAX Dx Telemetry: digital, modular, convenient
1.6 16. February 2017 3.3 MB
Category:  J1
  J1 Telemetry System: Datasheet
modular one-channel telemetry system
1.0 22. April 2014 2.9 MB
  J1D Telemetry System: Datasheet
modular one-channel telemetry system (J1D version)
1.0 22. April 2014 1.9 MB
Category:  MOPS Data Acquisition
  MOPS Brochure (English)
MOPS - the universal data acquisition system
5. September 2013 4.4 MB
Category:  On Board Diagnostics (OBD)
  CAEMAX Data Sheet gpsPRO
gpsPRO: state of the art GPS system
1.0 28. April 2014 0.9 MB
OBD/CANID: OBD to CAN converter with GPS option
141010-E 30. April 2015 0.4 MB
  CAEMAX Datasheet GPSv E
GPSv: GPS-based speed measurement system
150430 30. April 2015 0.3 MB
  CAEMAX Datasheet VarioPRO E
VarioPRO: Signal Router, Data Logger, Universal Converter
141006-E 30. April 2015 1.0 MB
Category:  RemusLAB DAQ Software
Software for Configuration and Data Acquisition of MOPS Systems, Steering Effort Sensors and other Hardware
Version 14. August 2017 48.3 MB
Category:  Steering Effort Sensors
  Data Sheet CAEMAX Steering Effort Sensor CLS-E.pdf
embedded steering effort sensor CLS-E: perfect fit
1.3 2. September 2016 0.7 MB
  Data Sheet CAEMAX Steering Effort Sensor CLSx
steering effort sensor CLSx: top accuracy with ultra slim shape
1.4 11. October 2016 0.4 MB
Category:  Telemetry
  Digital Telemetry Solutions
Wireless measurement data transmission in machinery, facilities and vehicles
V1-EN 15. May 2018 7.7 MB
Category:  Tentaclion Telemetry
  CAEMAX Data Sheet Tentaclion EN
Tentaclion: versatile wireless data transmission
131001-EN 29. June 2015 1.4 MB
Category:  Wheel Force Transducers
  Brochure 6-component Wheel Force Transducer WFT-Cx
Weatherproof wheel force transducer for road testing
2017-01-17 23. January 2017 6.4 MB
  Data Sheet CAEMAX Wheel Torque Transducer WTT-Dx
WTT-Dx: compact wheel torque transducer
1.4 13. October 2016 0.4 MB
  WFT-Cx: Flexible 6-component wheel force transducer for road testing and test stands
The newly developed 6-component wheel force transducer WFT-CX combines numerous innovations and expands application possibilities many times over.
2018-I 17. May 2018 3.8 MB
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