DX: Modular System for Synchronous Multi-Channel Acquisition
A highlight of CAEMAX´s new, fully digital DX telemetry is the ability to perform absolutely synchronous data acquisition with several transmitters in one single ISM band. With one single telemetry transmitter up to six channels – e.g. two strain gauge full bridges or four half bridges or analogue signals or temperatures can be transmitted. The max. sum sampling rate is 7,2 kHz.

CANbox: Easy CAN-Data Transmission via WLAN
By means of the CANbox, measurement data can be sent or received from one or two CAN interfaces, buffered and forwarded wireless via WLAN – e.g. to the WLAN client on your notebook. In case of transmission failures due to bad environmental conditions up to 32 MByte RAM are provided as a storage buffer. As all CAN messages will be marked by a time stamp the correct sequence in time is completely secured.

Tentaclion: Fast Data Transmission for Mobile Outdoor Applications
Tentaclion is a smart and fast modular measuring system which supports all common sensor types and provides a signal bandwidth of up to 20 kHz per channel. The Ethernet interface provides easy and direct connection to any PC or notebook. The especially rugged and weatherproof system, suitable for outdoor applications, also allows wireless data transmission over distances of up to 3 km (line-of-sight).

j1_DJ1 One-Channel Telemetry System
The one-channel telemetry system J1 is designed for measuring torques, temperatures or pressures from rotating devices with high long-term stability. As the J1 is easy to mount and versatile in use and power supply (battery or inductive supply), it is a good choice for a variety of rotating devices. For minimal installation debth, the rotor unit can also be realized as an ultra-flat, flexible board.

Custom-Made Solutions: Our Expertise is Your BenefitWhether in automotive, railway or aerospace applications: Our experienced application engineers have gained decades of expertise in the electronic or mechanical adaptation of our standard systems to most different specifications. Please do not hesitate to contact us!



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  Digital Telemetry Solutions
Wireless measurement data transmission in machinery, facilities and vehicles
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