VarioVIEW: Touch-Display, Signal Router, CAN-Gateway, Data Logger

VarioVIEW7 with its functional design and suitability even for extreme operations in the summer and winter test has resulted from consultation with experienced users of mobile automotive testing technology. The interface equipment and instrument version can be composed individually.

The 7″ widescreen format of the display provides a convenient communication tool for all mobile applications. In addition to individually programmable graphical elements there are four hardware function keys with switchable colour LEDs (green/red) which are equally programmable to your specific needs. As soon as the VarioVIEW7 recognises that a given limit value is exceeded, the driver can be informed via an integrated, powerful beeper, via sound signal frequencies depending on trigger events or colour changes of the graphical elements.

The well-known versatility of the VarioPRO system in terms of interfacing to all common vehicle networks has been implemented in the VarioVIEW as well: The instrument can optionally be equipped with 1, 2 or 4 CAN-, OBD2-, Ethernet-, LIN 2.x-, GPS- and WLAN-interfaces.


Name / Description Version Date Size
  CAEMAX Datasheet VarioPRO E
VarioPRO: Signal Router, Data Logger, Universal Converter
141006-E 30. April 2015 1.0 MB
  CAEMAX Datasheet GPSv E
GPSv: GPS-based speed measurement system
150430 30. April 2015 0.3 MB
OBD/CANID: OBD to CAN converter with GPS option
141010-E 30. April 2015 0.4 MB
  CAEMAX Data Sheet gpsPRO
gpsPRO: state of the art GPS system
1.0 28. April 2014 0.9 MB
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