VarioPRO: Signal Router and Data Logger for Automotive Testing

With the continuously increasing number of data networks in the automotive measurement technology, the requirements concerning analysis and measurement systems rise in the test drive. Along with it goes the necessity to implement networks and network segments for the connection with downstream network nodes with various operational parameters. This, in turn, requires flexible signal routers and gateway functions.

With its versatile interface equipment the system VarioPRO can be used as a signal converter, signal router, CAN-gateway and display device. All the incoming signals can be converted into proportional pulse sequences and/or analogue voltage. In addition up to 4 CAN-channels are provided for the output of all signal inputs with selectable baud rates and individual CAN-IDs.

Via the touch screen of the instrument or the PC configuration software the necessary operational parameters are conveniently selected. For a comfortable and time-saving use on different vehicles the instrument settings can be stored with incorporated different dbc-files (dbc-files are not included in the delivery!).

The integrated 10Hz GPS receiver is suitable for most applications in automotive testing. All measurement data can be stored on an exchangeable SDHC card. A software converter to .csv format (MS Excel) is included in the delivery package.

For various fields of application the universal hardware platform can be optionally extended with adequate function modules:

  • read out, display and delete content of error memory
  • PWM, frequency measurement, pulse divider
  • CME (CAN Message Editor)
  • level crossing monitoring of all incoming signals


Name / Description Version Date Size
  CAEMAX Data Sheet gpsPRO
gpsPRO: state of the art GPS system
1.0 28. April 2014 0.9 MB
  CAEMAX Datasheet GPSv E
GPSv: GPS-based speed measurement system
150430 30. April 2015 0.3 MB
  CAEMAX Datasheet VarioPRO E
VarioPRO: Signal Router, Data Logger, Universal Converter
141006-E 30. April 2015 1.0 MB
OBD/CANID: OBD to CAN converter with GPS option
141010-E 30. April 2015 0.4 MB
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