OBD/RPM: Sensorless RPM measurement needs only 5 seconds

The sensorless RPM converter OBD/RPM has already proven its suitability as a convenient tool for vehicle testing and acoustic analysis in hundreds of practical applications. The engine´s RPM – most often needed in this kind of analysis – can easily be extracted from the standardized OBD protocol by simply tapping the OBD adapter provided in every modern vehicle. The RPM signal is directly converted to an analog voltage signal and a TTL pulse series.

A similar signal converter for vehicle speed (OBD/V) as well as a combined converter for RPM and speed (OBD/RPM/V) are also available, providing TTL pulse output as well as a numerical and graphical display.

More features of the OBD/RPM:

  • RPM signal conversion to TTL and analog output
  • max. 8192 rpm
  • output rate 20 Hz (depending on vehicle type)
  • integrated LCD display with background lighting
  • robust aluminium housing


Name / Description Version Date Size
  CAEMAX Data Sheet gpsPRO
gpsPRO: state of the art GPS system
1.0 28. April 2014 0.9 MB
  CAEMAX Datasheet GPSv E
GPSv: GPS-based speed measurement system
150430 30. April 2015 0.3 MB
  CAEMAX Datasheet VarioPRO E
VarioPRO: Signal Router, Data Logger, Universal Converter
141006-E 30. April 2015 1.0 MB
OBD/CANID: OBD to CAN converter with GPS option
141010-E 30. April 2015 0.4 MB
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