imc BUSDAQ – Intelligent Datalogger

Storing and analyzing measurement and communication data from vehicles, machinery and industrial facilities

The imc BUSDAQ series data loggers are used for time-synchronous acquisition of test and measurement information from vehicle and field buses. The compact systems are much more than simple loggers: they offer real-time processing and triggering possibilities. In addition, imc BUSDAQ supports various field buses and protocols.

At a glance

  • Self-activation, “wake up on CAN”
  • Operating temperatures from -40°C – +85°C (condensation allowed)
  • PC-independent operation; “black-box” functionality
  • Wireless long-term monitoring and remote maintenance via modem, GPRS and internet
  • Redundant data storage on device and/or PC
  • Up to 512 field bus channels per experiment
  • Real-time data reduction
  • Configuration and operation software: imc STUDIO
  • For comprehensive data analysis and reports, imc FAMOS software is ideal