gpsPRO: State Of The Art Automotive GPS System

For the recently developed gpsPRO, suggestions of long-term users of automotive GPS systems have been implemented, resulting in a new generation of GPS devices. Its core is a powerful CPU and a high-class 50Hz/100Hz GPS receiver of latest technology. With GPS update rates of 50 or 100Hz, the system is designed for challenging applications, leading to a high level of signal stability with different tasks – from vehicle halt to highly dynamic driving maneuvers.

Optionally, a DC triax acceleration sensor with a range of ±2g or ±5g and a triax gyroscope can be integrated. For event-driven measurements, four digital inputs/outputs (e.g. for light barriers or brake contact) can be used. Data output via CAN or analog output (optionally). For data storage, a ring buffer of up to 32GB can be used.

In the two-system mode (RTK mode, optionally) a precision of place of up to 1 to 2 cm can be reached! If two systems are operated at the same time, one of them can be used as a reference station and radio-transmit correction data to the moving gpsPRO in a vehicle.

With regards to the future, the device supports along with the established GPS and GLONASS standards, additionally the GALILEO standard.

  • 50 Hz/100 Hz GPS system
  • real time kinematics
  • internal triax accelerator (optional)
  • internal triax gyroscope (optional)
  • CAN input, CAN output
  • 32GByte ring buffer (SDHC)
  • 2 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs
  • integrated color display



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