RemusLAB: Data Acquisition and Hardware Configuration

RemusLAB is the universal software platform which allows the configuration and control of all CAEMAX measurement hardware as well as of supported third-party systems. For the first time Dx telemetry, MOPS, CAN interfaces, OBD VarioPRO, CLS, WFTs and additionally supported USB devices can be synchonized by using only one single configuration software. Despite the most complex hardware functions RemusLAB offers unique ease-of-use.

RemusLAB enables the parallel, time-synchronized data acquisition from multiple sources – e.g. Ethernet, USB, CAN (incl. Vector, Kvaser und Peak CAN interfaces). Of course all CAEMAX systems, like the MOPS and its interfaces (incl. Ethernet up to 250 kHz, option: > 1MHz), all our transducers, like CLS and WFT-Cx, and the Dx telemetry are espicially supported and may thus be handled in the most convenient way.

An attractive function package adds online calculation abilities including arithmetical and Boolean operations, differentiation and integration, digital filters and smoothing, limit and timer control and time channels.

RemusLAB supports parallel recording of multiple data streams – even with different sampling rates – and provides extensive trigger functions. Available data formats include NI-/Diadem-TDM format, .mlb and .mdf format as well as ASCII (for smaller datasets).

A complimentary test version of RemusLAB is available from our download centre.


Name / Description Version Date Size
Software for Configuration and Data Acquisition of MOPS Systems, Steering Effort Sensors and other Hardware
Version 14. August 2017 48.3 MB
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