Dx Telemetry for temperature DAQ at the wheel

The CAEMAX Dx Telemetry is a high-precision tool to acquire temperatures and other measurement at the wheels of vehicles. Robust transmitter modules slightly to be mounted predestine the system also for rough applications on the test track.

All measuring signals, like here the temperatures in the brake disc, are digitized directly in the wheels and are transferred wireless about the mirror antennas to the receiver unit RCI in the vehicle. The receiver acquires the data of all 4 transmitter modules synchronously and spends this as analog signals or digital via CAN.

  • High-precision temperature measurement by differential sensor inputs with integrated cold-junction compensation
  • Robust transmitter modules with integrated accu power supply, waterproofed with IP 67-(optional) for the application in every weather condition
  • Comfortable system check via remote-controlled thermo couple check
  • Additional channels to control the status of the system (battery voltage, temperature in the housing, received field strenght help to control and to detect errors)
  • Highest interference resistance of the telemetry distance by digital data transmission (resolution 16 bit) incl. error detection
  • Fast integration in existing DAQ systems via standard interfaces CAN and analog

Dx Transmitter unit (SCT) for temperature DAQ at the wheel

Dx transmitter module,
2 or 3 (=optional)
DI-thermo channels type K
Dx transmitter module,
4 DI-thermo channels type K
Sensor inputs 2, 3 or 4 thermo couples type J or K per wheel
(other channel numbers or sensor types optional)
  • 2, 3 or 4 inputs for Roessl thermo plugs
  • Lemosa plug to switch the power On/Off,
    battery charge connector

Other type of plugs optional

Measuring range 13 measuring ranges free selectable
Resolution 16 bit digital
Sample rate max. 200 Hz per channel b.e. with 3 channels per wheel
Transmission frequency 17 frequencies in the 2.4 GHz band 
12 frequencies in the 868 MHz band
Data transmission Package transmission incl. error detection
Power supply for the SCTs integrated battery, operating time about 50 hours
Housing Material POM, waterproofed IP67 depends of the plugs
Mounting at the wheel Mechanical adaption depends of the customer wishes
Temperature range -10°C up to 60°C, additional temperature range optional
Dimension Up to 3 thermo couples per wheel:
Hight ca. 50 mm (without adaption)
Diameter ca. 100 mm (without adaption)
Weight ca. 0.7 kg incl. adapter (depends of the mechanical adaption)

Dx Empfangseinheit (RCI)

DReceiver Unit (RCI) Dx Antenna
for mounting at a vehicle side mirror
Antenna input 2 independent receiver in diversity mode 
Display 2.83 inch colour display, Online monitoring of the temperature channels in physical values
CAN Interface CAN 2.0b – ISO 11898, max. 1 MBaud
Analog output 6 BNC sockets, free programmable, output signal max. ± 10V
Firmware Configuration and data acquisition from up to 4 transmitters
Power voltage 9 – 36 V DC
Temperature range -20°C up to +65°C
Dimension ca. 170 x 130 x 53 mm (without antennas)
Weight ca. 0.8 kg